Costco’s Seafood Selection – What’s Worth It?

costco seafood

I know it’s healthy to eat more fish, but keeping fresh fillets stocked isn’t easy without constant trips to the store.

That’s where Costco helps. I’ve found that their selection of both fresh and frozen seafood is quite good.

I often hear from other shoppers about their favorite picks and how they use them throughout the week.

Even with the recent price hikes in groceries due to inflation, Costco still manages to keep their seafood prices relatively affordable.

Let’s see now.

1. Costco’s Trident Seafoods Alaskan Salmon Burgers

Unpacking Costco Alaska Salmon Burgers

I often stock up on Trident Seafoods Alaskan Salmon Burgers from Costco for an easy dinner solution.

Many Reddit users agree, sharing that these burgers are perfect for quick and tasty sandwiches.

One guy i met there described their creation as a “grown-up fish sandwich,” adding a sophisticated twist to the classic.

Another suggested dressing them up with Kirkland pesto or mayo mixed with garlic, lemon, dill, and capers for extra flavor.

For those following a keto diet, another tip was to crumble the burger over a Costco Caesar salad, turning a simple meal into something special.

2. Kirkland Signature Tilapia Loins

Kirkland Signature Tilapia Lions

Kirkland Signature Tilapia Loins from Costco are individually wrapped and perfect for making quick fish tacos.

Another great way to enjoy these is by trying a healthier fish taco recipe featuring tilapia and avocado.

3. Morey’s Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon from Costco

Morey’s Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon

I tried Morey’s Wild Alaskan Salmon from Costco and found it to be fantastic.

It comes as a box of six ready-to-go fillets, making it a convenient choice for a healthy meal when you’re short on time.

This discovery led me to explore other tasty frozen food options at Costco as well.

4. Wild Caught Deep Sea Snapper

Wild Deep Sea Snapper

The Wild Caught Deep Sea Snapper available at Costco is a hit for those who love easy meal prep.

Fans of this fish recommend baking an entire bag of frozen red snapper at once to use in various meals throughout the week.

It’s particularly great for quick dinners and adding a tasty protein boost to salads.

5. The Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod Loins

Kirkland Cod From Costco

They are a staple in my freezer. These individually wrapped cod loins make meal prep a breeze.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy them is by making baked “cracker crumb cod,” a dish commonly seen in New England.

I also appreciate the convenience of having these cod loins on hand for last-minute meal ideas.

With some frozen cod in the freezer and a couple of sleeves of Ritz crackers, I always have the ingredients for a quick and delicious dinner option.

6. Ahi Tuna Steaks

Ahi-Tuna-Steaks - Costco

I’ve found that Costco offers a great deal on Ahi Tuna Steaks.

With a 10-pound bag priced at just $160, you get 27 portions of this tasty fish.

The steaks thaw beautifully and have a delicious flavor. It’s definitely a fantastic value, as long as you have enough freezer space to store them.

Plus, having Ahi Tuna Steaks on hand allows me to easily prepare dishes like Seared Ahi Tuna in a Ginger Scallion Sauce whenever I want something flavorful and special.

7. Whole Head On, Cleaned Branzino Fish

Whole Head On, Cleaned Branzino Fish

Costco’s Branzino is my go-to for weeknight dinners. This isn’t just any fish but a Branzino, renowned for its mild, sweet flavor that practically screams “fancy.” Each one of these flaky beauties is individually bagged—because Costco knows we can’t handle more than one slippery fish at a time.

You get seven whole fish, each weighing in at a respectable 12 to 18 ounces, adding up to a grand total of 10 pounds of fishy goodness. Toss them in the oven, slap them on the grill, or give them a sear on the stovetop with whatever herbs have been lying around in your kitchen.

Serve them whole to impress, or filet them if you’re feeling particularly chef-y. Either way, you’re about to elevate your family to the next level, Mediterranean style!

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