Editorial Policy

LoveAndDuckFat.com is dedicated to sharing knowledge and passion for barbecue and French cuisine.

Content Standards

All recipes and techniques are thoroughly tested and researched. I source information from credible culinary books, experienced chefs, and authoritative culinary websites. However, the core of the content I create is my own experience.

I provide unbiased reviews of culinary tools and ingredients and do not accept payment for product endorsements.

The writing style I utilize is personable and informative, aimed at both novice cooks and seasoned chefs, reflecting the expertise and enthusiasm of a seasoned cook.

Editorial Process

Topics are selected based on seasonal relevance, trending culinary techniques, and reader suggestions.

Each piece of content is reviewed for culinary accuracy, clarity, and reader engagement by the site owner before publication.

Recipes and articles undergo a rigorous editing process to ensure they meet the standards for quality and ease of use.

Authorship and Contributions

All content is primarily written by me. But that doesnt mean that some guest chefs and culinary experts cannot contribute, especially for specialized French cuisine techniques.

These contributors are vetted for their expertise and credentials.

Ethical Guidelines

Any potential conflicts of interest related to culinary products or book reviews are clearly disclosed.

I handle culinary debates and cultural discussions with respect and sensitivity, aiming to educate rather than alienate.

Corrections and Transparency

I am committed to correcting any factual errors promptly. Readers can report errors via contact page.

The site is funded through affiliate marketing and ads, detailed in an affiliate disclaimer. This does not influence the editorial content.

Feedback and Engagement

I encourage reader comments and questions. I give my best to actively engage with readers through comments and social media.

Reader feedback is regularly solicited to improve content and respond to culinary trends or requests.

Privacy and Security

I respect user privacy, adhering to the privacy policy that ensures user data collected through site interaction is secured and confidential.

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