Pork Shoulder: Fat Side Up Or Down (& Their Differences)

Cooking Pork Shoulder With Fat Side Up or Down

Pork shoulder often hailed as the crown jewel of pork cuts, is a succulent, richly flavored cut that comes from the pig’s shoulder region. This cut is known for its marbling and a significant layer of fat, which are key players in its cooking process. The orientation of the fat layer in cooking pork shoulder … Read more

Baking with Kumquat: A Unique Upside-Down Cake Recipe

Kumquat Upside-Down Cake (1)

Originally, my heart was set on crafting a starfruit upside-down cake, but the fruit on my tree hasn’t reached its prime yet. So, I decided to switch gears and create a kumquat upside-down cake instead. The result was not only fun but potentially even more delectable than my initial plan. Growing up in south Florida, … Read more

10 Best Branzino Recipes – Flavors of the Ocean

Cooking fisf in home

Ahoy there, fellow culinary enthusiasts! Step aboard our gastronomic adventure as we sail through the deep blue sea of flavors and dive into the delightful world of Branzino recipes. As a chef fortunate enough to work on this luxurious cruise ship, I’ve had the pleasure of preparing countless exquisite dishes, but Branzino has always held … Read more