2 easy bath toy storage ideas

2 easy bath toy storage ideas

Just before my little one’s first birthday, I realized we had a problem. Our bath toy collection was growing and growing, and our bathroom was (and still is) seriously low on storage. There is only one cabinet, and no storage underneath our pedestal sink. Toys were accumulating on the edge of the tub after every bath, just begging to be knocked to the floor. I needed a versatile, no-installation place to store wet toys. When I looked for bath toy storage ideas online, I didn’t find a solution that would work for me. Most of the products available stick to the walls with suction cups, and I didn’t want to mess with suction cups.

I also wanted a bath toy storage solution that held LOTS of toys, drained well, and didn’t look terrible. After seeing all the bath toy options, I started looking elsewhere. Eventually, I came across the ASICS Mesh Backpack.  It has a drawstring closure and long, thin shoulder straps which seemed perfect for looping over a towel bar. Priced between $7.21 and $13.75 (depending on color), I gave the little bag a shot.

ASICS mesh backpack

ASICS mesh backpack

The ASICS backpack turned out to be the perfect for bath toy storage! I can hang it anywhere – over the towel bar, looped across a bathroom caddy, across the hot/cold knobs, or the showerhead. It opens wide to allow my little one to choose toys and put them away. Water drains easily through the mesh and it holds a lot of toys! There is even a nylon pocket on the outside for extra storage.

The backpacks come in 10 bright colors to choose from with colors like pink, gold, orange and royal blue.

To up my bath storage capacity, I also purchased the Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain Clear. With 9 pockets in varying sizes, I’m able to store things like razors out of reach from the baby. Small containers and other lightweight objects (like bath books and wash cloths) fit in the larger mesh pockets at the bottom.


Thanks to these 2 easy bath toy storage ideas, I have a lot more storage. Toys–even wet ones–clean up fast so we can move on to more important things, like pajamas and story time.


In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to products I purchased and used myself. I recommend these products. If you decide to buy any of these items, I may be able to buy a cheap cup of coffee from the commission I receive. 




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