10 homemade baby food recipes

Now that my little one is approaching toddler-hood, I look back with fondness on all the homemade baby food recipes I made for him. I miss the days of spooning food into his little mouth. Those days seem to be long gone for my 15-month-old, who decided very early on to self-feed.

I rounded up 10 of our favorite homemade baby food recipes to share.  Nearly all of these are complete meals—meaning they contain more than just one ingredient. They are a good, healthy balance of fruit/veggie with healthy proteins; ideal for babies 6 to 9 months who have moved on from eating single-ingredient meals. I use organic ingredients in all of my baby food recipes and puree them at home in a food processor.

I hope your baby enjoys these homemade baby food recipes as much as mine did! Cherish every moment because it will pass before you know it. Enjoy!

Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner for baby. Fresh green beans, mashed potato, turkey and sage, made creamy with the addition of yogurt.

10 homemade baby food recipes: Turkey Dinner

Turkey, Carrot and Potato Puree

Chicken with sweet potato, white potato, carrots and herbs, cooked in a nutritious chicken broth.

10 homemade baby food recipes: Turkey, carrot and potato

Quinoa Ratatouille

An Italian-inspired recipe full of roasted veggies like zucchini, eggplant, green peppers and tomato, with quinoa and Parmesan cheese.

10 homemade baby food recipes: Quinoa ratatouille

Chicken Stew

The baby food version of this hearty comfort food. Chicken, celery, carrots and potatoes stewed with bay leaf and thyme.

10 homemade baby food recipes | Chicken stew

 Baby Food Strawberry Smoothie

A smoothie just for baby–a great way for baby to get more nutrition with chia and fresh fruit. Just mix with milk, breast milk or formula!

10 homemade baby food recipes | Strawberry Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie

A healthy version of this classic dessert; naturally sweet and delicious.

10 homemade baby food recipes: pumpkin pie

 Baby Food Vegetable Lasagna

All the flavor of the family favorite made just for baby!

10 homemade baby food recipes: vegetable lasagna

Chicken and Peas

Chicken, carrots and lots of sweet green peas make this a favorite baby food recipe.

10 homemade baby food recipes | chicken and peas

Chicken, Carrot, Green Bean and Potato Puree

A one-pot combination of fresh ingredients, simmered in chicken stock for lots of flavor and extra nutrition.

10 homemade baby food recipes: chicken, carrot, green bean and potato puree

Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Apple and Carrot Puree 

Sweet and packed with healthy vegetables and protein from the addition of quinoa, this recipe is easy to customize.

10 homemade baby food recipes: sweet potato apple quinoa

Some more recipes for self feeding:

Sweet Potato Bites

Breast Milk Pancakes

10 homemade baby food recipes

10 homemade baby food recipes!



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