10 Gifts for Foodies


1.Flip & Tumble 24-7 Bag

I know you make the effort to bring you reusable shopping bags when you go grocery shopping, but sometimes you forget. I do on occasion, and I hate that feeling. That’s when I remember I always have one, which is better than none. I love these super lightweight, strong–and cute–Flip and Tumble bags. They fold up into a little ball so you can always keep one (or a few) in the bottom of your purse. $11.20 each. 10 bright colors to choose from.

2.Flip and Tumble Reusable Produce Bags

So let’s just assume you remembered to bring your reusable shopping bags. Doesn’t it seem wrong to put your produce in the plastic bags they give you? It’s one of my pet peeves, and I usually end up sticking my naked produce right in the cart. With Flip and Tumble’s produce bags, this problem is solved! They look cute, too.  $11.00 for 5 bags.

3. Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated Glass Mugs

I’ve been enjoying these mugs for a few months now and I can’t recommend them enough. They are beautiful, made from mouth-blown glass. The 2-layers keep the outside of the mug cool to the touch, while insulating the liquid. Absolute genius.  Winner of the European IF Design Award.  $39.99 for a set of 2.

4. Siliconezone EZ Seal Clear Airtight Lids Set

A stocking stuffer every foodie will appreciate, the Silicone Zone airtight lid fits on any glass bowl (square or round), making an instant seal. They are reusable (we like that) and safe to use in the microwave, unlike most plastic wrap. They really work! $18.99, set of 3.

5. Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas

Beautiful and functional, this set includes 6 measuring cups in the shape of traditional Russian dolls. They nest together for storage and ship in a colorful gift box. $7.68

6. Corkcicle Classic Wine Chiller

Corkcicle wine chiller keeps your wine bottle cold so it can hang out with you! What a genius idea. Freeze the BPA-free plastic gel and place it into your chilled white wine to keep it cold, or cool down your room temperature red. $24.25, available in traditional cork or 6 bright colors.

7. Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee and Tea maker

Made for both tea and coffee fans, check out this beautifully designed French press from Grosche. Available in 1 liter, 1.5 liter, or 1 cup sizes, it makes a great Secret Santa gift for the office.  On sale for $37.67 ($60.00 retail).

8. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

I have to include the best-selling cook book from fellow blogger, Deb Perelman (go girl!). Her blog is an inspiration to me, and so is her cookbook. This home cook features simple recipes that are beautifully photographed in her little kitchen. On sale for $12.99 Kindle edition

9. Totally Bamboo 3-Tiered Salt Box

If you’re like me, you have at least 3 types of salt in your kitchen. If you’re not like me, you have one type of salt and a bunch of other spices you may want to keep handy. This beautifully crafted salt box from Totally Bamboo does the trick and looks good while doing it. $16.82 (sale price).

10. J.K. Adams Slate Cheese Tray

Stunning charcoal slate is the perfect backdrop for cheese and hors d’oeuvres when you are entertaining. Plus, you can write on it with soap stone to identify what your guests are eating. How chic are you? 16 x 12, $30.00 sale price.

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