Snyder's Lance Snack Shack

A New Website: Delivering your favorite snacks to your door!

Sponsored post Sometimes you get a craving for your favorite snack…and you just can’t find it in the store. It could be an old favorite you grew up eating, or something new you really want to try. Now you can get your favorite snacks shipped right to your door. A new website launched by Snyder’s Lance—SL Snack Shack—has made it their goal to deliver the best snacks right to your door no matter where you live, and for a very low minimum order of $25.

Snyder's Lance Snack Shack

Snyder’s Lance creates some of America’s favorite snacks. You’ll recognize many of them from your local convenience store like Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, Lance crackers, Cape Cod potato chips and Jay’s potato chips. You can also find brands like Archway, Lance crackers, EatSmart, Krunchers!, O-KE-DOKE, Stella D’Oro and Tom’s .

What you may not know is how many different varieties of your favorite brands there are! Since stores only carry a few flavors, you may discover a new favorite on Snyder’s Lance Snack Shack website. Browse the snack pantry and you will find hundreds of flavors of pretzels, sandwich crackers, potato chips, cookies, tortilla chips, nuts, popcorn and cookies.

With SL Snack Shack, get access to all of the newest flavors shipped right from the supplier. Try Cape Cod Dipping Chips in Ancient Grain, Blue and Four Bean or zesty new flavors from Lance: Chipotle peanuts and dill pickle peanuts.

You can buy individual bags for a selection of flavors for the same price you would see in grocery stores, or whole cases of 10-12. Snyder’s Lance Snack Shack even has a rewards program, giving you big discounts for racking up points on purchases. 400 snack points earns you a $25 discount on your next purchase.

So if you find yourself craving that special snack, visit SL Snack Shack and have it delivered right to your door. There’s no easier way to shop!


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