Benefits of iPad Till Systems for Restaurants

iPad tills are gradually taking over the EPOS world. They’re pushing out the old, bulky tills as more and more business begin to understand the benefits that they can bring to them. iPad tills can be used across many industries due to their versatile nature and ability to have downloaded, tailored apps which are suitable for different types of companies.

In this article, we are going to focus on what the benefits are of restaurants using iPad till systems as opposed to any other type of till system:

Customer Service
iPad till systems use the latest technologies to replicate the POS system onto an iPad which then delivers information between the kitchen and all other mobile devices. You can display upsell items to staff at the point of order which allows them to spend more time on the floor.

iPad till systems allow companies to implement strategies through the cloud based nature of the system. This allows for online ordering, paying by mobile and other possibilities.

There is a huge amount of room for customer data – much more than with traditional POS systems.

Rather than using manual seating charts, a lot of iPad till systems offer different software which can do this for you.

The latest craze is being able to input tableside orders with an iPad. Rather than manually writing it down, servers can input orders into the tablet which goes straight to the kitchen. This improves efficiency, minimises downtime and reduces errors that commonly occur in the transaction from paper to computer.

Customers dining at a restaurant don’t want to have to hang around at the end of their meal to pay. iPad till systems can be used for immediate tableside transactions. This prevents the very common and annoying server pile up around the computer towards the end of the evening.

Real Time Reporting
iPad till systems mean that you can monitor your stock and KPIs from anywhere by using the iPad. This is very useful for owners when they are away.

Real Time Changes
Similarly to real time reporting, iPad tills allow you to manage your menus and make other changes to the restaurant wherever you are.

iPad tills are small and portable meaning that you can serve customers by tableside which reduces the chance of errors and also increasing customer satisfaction.

Easy to Use
You can save time on training with an iPad EPOS system as it highly intuitive and has a simple interface. It is very easy to use, unlike tradition EPOS tills.

Not only can you manage seating arrangements, you can also manage bookings, table availability and even track your customers from reservation to payment.

Unlimited Users
You can create unlimited staff accounts and add very specific user privileges.

Cloud Sync
iPad EPOS systems allow for cloud syncing. This is great for a number of reasons, primarily that it can store huge amounts of data that can be accessed whether you are online or offline.

We hope that this has been useful for you restaurant owners out there investigating into the new EPOS systems and that we have been able to articulate the uses of and benefits of iPad tills for restaurants clearly enough.

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