Sweet Jars

Freaking Sweet Jars

Have you ever wondered what a piece of heaven tastes like?


Luckily for you, it comes in a jar! In 2014, Renate Garrett and her husband and business partner Jaheel turned their love for baking into a business and the company Freaking Sweet Jars was born.

Together the married couple combined their own recipes ranging from sweet potato pie, banana pudding and other mouthwatering desserts into delectable desserts in a jar. The vision and goal of the company is for a single moment in time, to take away all of life worries when enjoying a freaking sweet jar.

Not only can you order and enjoy a Freaking Sweet Jar for yourself but you can also order for friends and family!


Freaking Sweet Jars offers catering options for social gatherings and get-togethers such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties. Any excuse is a good excuse to taste a piece of heaven in a jar.

Taste your piece of paradise today.

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