Finding Healthy Food Recipes for Clean Eating

Sponsored post: It’s becoming harder and harder to eat healthy these days. With a fast food restaurant on every corner, and grocery store shelves laden with processed, sugar-laden options, it’s no wonder there’s an epidemic of diseases related to obesity.

Many young people grow up without the ability to cook, or uneducated about clean eating; which is why having access to healthy food recipes is so important. Whether home cooks are in the beginning levels or advanced, being able to cook recipes at home and avoid the pitfalls of fast food is key to a healthy diet.

There are some great food blogs devoted to healthy, home cooked recipes (you are on one now!). Another blog, Clean Foodies has some delicious recipes made with whole ingredients–even desserts–for your whole family to enjoy.

clean foodies

Breakfast recipes like barley pancakes and baked oatmeal start your day off right. Sides like hummus, quinoa tabbouleh and buckwheat pita bread bring Mediterranean flavor to the table. Even dessert can be healthy (in moderation) with quinoa and cacao crisps, chocolate mousse (made with coconut milk and honey) and gluten free dessert recipes like chocolate peanut butter bars.

Learning to cook from home is key to a healthy diet, and once you start eating home-cooked, delicious meals, processed foods quickly lose their appeal. Make family project to try out new recipes and you will soon be on your way to learning eating habits that will benefit you for a lifetime!

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