The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

My husband is a food lover. That’s one of the things that made me fall in love with him. There’s nothing more attractive (to me) than a man who loves food and is willing to try anything. It took me a long time to find someone who can match me in my love for food adventure, which is why I make sure Father’s Day is a special time for him.

My dad is a food lover too, and one of the most impossible to shop for—which is why I send him some sort of unique food gift every year. I’ve shipped him live lobsters, oysters, beef jerky and even clam chowder from Boston.

The good thing about food-related gifts is that they are appreciated by mom AND dad. See how that works? He gets a gift = you both get a gift. That’s because food lovers are all about sharing. We share pictures of what we eat on social media, we share our baked goods at the office, and we trade bites off of each other’s plates in a restaurant.

In honor of food-loving fathers out there, I put together some of the best foodie gifts for Father’s Day (It’s June 15th, so start shopping now). I hope you enjoy this collection of Father’s Day food lover gift ideas. I already know what I’m getting my deserving dads this year. Do you?

Soda Stream | Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

SodaStream Dynamo LX Soda Maker Deluxe Mega Pack $79.99 + free shipping (sale price)

We have one of these at home, I gave one to my mom, and I gave one to my Dad. I highly recommended SodaStream for people who like a little fizz in their drinks. We mix the soda water with fresh juices to make delicious homemade soda without the preservatives and extra sugar. Bonus: No more lugging home heavy cans or bottles and better for the environment with reusable bottles.

Handmade Cutting Board | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Handmade Wood and Leather Cutting Board on Etsy from Oniroteo $69.99

One-of-a-kind handmade cutting boards made from reclaimed oak and leather make a beautiful, functional gift for dad. They make beatuiful serving platters or just hang on the wall for rustic charm.

Taste Trunk | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Taste Trunk Artisan Gourmet Food Box $55.00/one or $23.99/monthly

Taste Trunk sends a monthly box, beautifully packaged and filled with unique and hard-to-find artisan food products. Choose from Gourmet, Healthy, Sweet or BBQ boxes to surprise your favorite dad with again and again.Save 40% off your first one!

Digital BBQ Tongs | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Digital BBQ Tongs from Flame King $19.99

For the grill-loving dad, these hybrid tongs are all you need, replacing multiple tools. It’s a combination BBQ tong and temperature fork with digital display. Made from stainless’s a manly gift indeed.

Weber Grill | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill $349.00 (on sale)

Any dad would be proud to own this beautiful charcoal grill from Weber (I really want one too!). It has an easy ignite system, cook timer, and a porcelain enameled bowl. It comes in several different colors, but the copper is every foodie’s dream. | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas Father’s Day Food Collections $40+

I just discovered and can’t wait to try them out! I’ll be gifting one of their curated foodie collections this year, full of treats from independent and artisanal food products.  Gift collections include the Grill Scout, Pickle Town Taster, Coffeelicious Taster, Grin and Beer It and so much more.

  23 K Gold Bacon | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

23K Gold Bacon from the Baconery $49.99

Okay, I know this is a little over-the-top, but bacon lovers are always looking for the next bacon-y thing, and the Baconery has it. Whether you want chocolate-covered bacon, chocolate bacon covered with edible gold leaf, bacon cookies, bacon lollipops, bacon caramels, t-shirts or accessories, they have it.

Necktie Cookies | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Neck Tie Sugar Cookies from Just4YouTreats on Etsy $28.00/dozen

Adorable & customizable sugar cookies decorated in royal icing make a delicious treat for cookie-loving dads. Choose your pattern and colors.

Lobster Dinner Gift | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Lobster Anywhere Dinner $$129+

For lobster lovers, there’s nothing like a lobster dinner with all the fixings. It’s even better at home where you can relax and really dig in. Lobster Anywhere ships live whole lobster, lobster tails, steak and sides, along with everything you need to make a gourmet dinner at home.

Art of Tea Sampler | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

Art of Tea Award Winning Teas (price varies)

My husband is a huge tea fan and loves anything tea. Art of Tea offers everything from tea blends to accessories. Check out their tea gift packages, samplers and tea-of-the-month club.

UBrew DIY Beer Making Kit | The Best Father’s Day Food Lover Gift Ideas

UBrew DIY Beer Making Kit on Etsy $100+

Dads love beer and crafty dads love to make beer. Just imagine how proud he’ll be of his own brew! This kit includes everything he needs in an easy kit complete with buckets, fermenter, beer bottles and other beer-y related paraphernalia. Choose two flavors of beer to pack inside. Each kit makes 2 gallons of beer.

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