Easter Baby Photo Shoot

Easter is quickly approaching and while I was thinking up recipes to share, I came across this image I took of my son last year. I didn’t have the blog at that time and needed an outlet for my creativity. My fat little 4-month-old fit the bill. What better muse could you ask for?

My musings resulted in a lot of fun photographs, including this one (above) from our Easter baby photo shoot. It took 2 days, some assistance from grandma and a few different outfits, but I eventually got the shot I was looking for. Going through the outtakes is as fun as the final result, so I thought I would share some on Love and Duck Fat. Maybe they will inspire you to take some fun Easter photos with baby.

To get this shot, I purchased a LOT of Peeps. I separated them all and left them out on a baking sheet for a few days so they wouldn’t be sticky. My first try was in our bedroom with a sheet set up as a background (and to corral the sugar).

Easter Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

The lighting in the bedroom wasn’t very good, and the images looked cluttered. So I tried again the next day in another location.

My goal was to get a big smile on Grayson’s face, but he was a little freaked out by all the Peeps. They look cute and squishy, but after a few days of drying out, the Peeps were rough and hard. They also looked like something good to eat, so in-between shots, I had to remove Peeps from his fat little fingers. We tried a shot with him sitting up (with support from behind), but that didn’t work either.

An Easter baby photo shoot with tips and ideas!


I moved the photo shoot into the living room under a window that had filtered light. Grayson was even less willing to smile on this day, having had enough of the Peeps, sitting in baskets and mommy making funny faces. I gave up on smiles and worked on getting a good, clean shot with lots of Peeps. Here’s our model taking a break to stretch.

Taking an Easter photo of baby. Tips and Ideas!


I would say the hardest thing about this Easter baby photo shoot was getting the Peeps to stay in place. I wanted to hide his diaper, but he kept squirming–like babies do–and I had to pile them on over and over. In the end, I had to add in a few well-placed Peeps in Photoshop to get the image I wanted.

Writing this post has inspired me to try another Easter photo shoot with 16 month old. I have a feeling it will be a little more challenging this time to get him to stay in one place! I hope this gives you some inspiration (and a smile) as well. Happy Easter from Love and Duck Fat.

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