Tuttorosso Tomatoes Review

Celebrating Memories and Good Tomatoes with Tuttorosso #celebrateyourtradition

I vividly remember the first recipe I cooked. I was around five years old and my mother pulled a step stool up to the stove so I could make scrambled eggs with ham. I carefully stirred the eggs in the pan until they were done and was so proud when we ate breakfast that morning.

Stirring up memories like this are what the Tuttorosso Tomatoes “Celebrate your Tradition” contest is all about. This Indiana-based, 85-year old tomato brand is asking home cooks the question:

What (or who) inspired you to start cooking?

Tuttorosso is giving away a $550 Prize Pack to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter is share your cooking inspiration on their Facebook page.

Tuttorosso Celebrate Tradition Contest

Whether it’s a pot of spaghetti of Sunday, or something less traditional; everyone has a story to share about food and inspiration. What’s my story?

After learning to cook from my mother at a young age, I was further inspired when she came home from a yard sale with a partial series of old French culinary cookbooks. Each book in the series focused on different techniques using classic recipes. I became a little obsessed; trying my hand at making beef bourguignon, fish en papillote, creamy potato and leek soup and (burned) chocolate soufflés.

No matter the recipe, Tuttorosso Tomatoes are the perfect addition to family dinner favorites like soups, stews and casseroles. Using a crock pot or large pot on your stove, you can turn anything into a rich, flavorful meal with little fuss. You can find lots of easy, family-friendly recipes using tomatoes on the Tuttorosso website.

I recently made two classic recipes; a minestrone soup and a sausage gumbo with Tuttorosso Tomatoes. I was very impressed with the fresh flavor, bright color and texture of the tomatoes.

Sausage and oyster gumbo made with Tuttorosso Tomatoes

Sausage and oyster gumbo

Tuttorosso made it easy to find decide whether crushed, diced, whole or pureed tomatoes were right for my recipes. Handy tips and information is right on the package telling you about the flavor and texture of the tomatoes inside. Tuttorosso also has new varieties of whole peeled and crushed tomatoes without added salt.

Tuttorosso Tomatoes Label

The Tuttorosso Tomatoes Celebrate your Tradition Contest

Tuttorosso Tomatoes is giving away a $550 Celebration Prize Pack in the Celebrate your Tradition Contest. All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Like the Tuttorosso Facebook Page
  2. Share your cooking inspiration story on the official entry page

EACH entrant will receive a meal-occasion themed digital recipe flipbook with coupons, recipes, and cooking tips.

The winner receives the $500 Celebration Prize Pack including a beautiful serving plate, sauce ladle, pasta pot set and heirloom wooden spoon + $300 gift card for your own dinner celebration. The contest ends May 7th, so don’t wait to enter!

Minestrone Soup with Tuttorosso Tomatoes

Minestrone Soup

I was provided with products for the purpose of this review and received no monetary compensation.  All opinions are my own. 


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